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Five Great Reasons to Switch to our Alpharetta Carpet Installation

More and more people are switching to Dry Fresh Plus Alpharetta Carpet Installation every day to meet their carpet cleaning needs and it is not just for our Alpharetta Carpet Cleaning Guarantee.

Finest Alpharetta Carpet Installation and Carpet Cleaning Team

  1. Clean and Dry
    We mist your carpets with our unique pH balanced Dry Fresh cleaner followed by our bonnet that absorbs all the dirt and stains out of your carpets. No longer are your carpets soggy or dirty. Enjoy clean fresh-smelling carpets.
  2. Dries in Fifteen Minutes
    Dry Fresh Plus Alpharetta Carpet Cleaning takes extra care with your carpets. In just fifteen minutes, your carpets will be dry. Free of sogginess, your carpets will be dry to the touch in less than forty-five minutes for even the most heavily soiled of carpets.
  3. Skilled Technician Services
    At Dry Fresh Plus, we take our carpets seriously. Our professional technicians provides carpet cleaning in Alpharetta, Georgia are skilled in all aspects of carpet care from identifying fibers to analyzing soil and taking care of fabrics.
  4. Light Citrus-Fresh Smell
    Unlike any other carpet cleaner who might use traditional solutions with pungent smells, Dry Fresh cleaners are light and have a gentle citrus smell. You can have guests over right after without worrying about smell.
  5. Our 100% Clean Guarantee
    If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Alpharetta, Georgia, all carpets that we clean are guaranteed by the Dry Fresh 100% Clean Guarantee.
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